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Installed NexusBeam 4.1.0

Installed NexusBeam 4.1.0 last night on my Nexus S. ICS is pretty fantastic so far.


-Tiny interface tweaks like smooth fades
-Attractive spell check under-lining in most text input fields
-Screen orientation rotation effect (Thanks to iOS for forcing Android people to up their UI game)
-People app!
-"My Contact Card" concept in People app. I can't believe this took so long
-Settings App sucks a lot less

Drupal Google Calendar Node Sync Origins


This post is just to give some back story to the original needs of this module because I think it may help someone reading the documentation and asking "how can this help me?" while being a bit more anecdotal and less technical than the documentation. I will go in to more detail about the module design and usage in coming posts, so don't feel bad if you don't read this. :)

Mint 12, Gnome-shell and multiple monitors

This past Monday morning was great; I came back to work after an extended vacation and I installed Linux Mint 12 on my T510.

I am a heavy user of workspaces to keep my work and my mind organized. I like knowing that Thunderbird is a quick (CTRL+ALT+RIGHT)*2 away but that it will not distract me while in a coffee-induced ADHD-like state. For reasons like this, I feel offended and alienated by changes to my workspaces! I felt like I was being asked to lose functionality for the sake of new users and the tablet experience.

Maybe I am okay with a guitar, after all

I bought a new digital recorder, the Zoom H4, to record dialogue and sound effects this weekend for the Hamilton 24 Hour Film Festival. I also rented an Audio Technica AT8015, which was recommended by the recording guy at Long & McQuade. I could write a whole entry about filming last night. Maybe I will later once our 5-minute film has screened in front of audiences.

Tiny fish, you died and left your partner all alone

Oh Triangle (the fish is named Triangle), why did you die? I am not terribly emotionally attached to you, as you have no fur or personality, but I feel sad for you partner Slag-a-thor whom you have left behind.

I woke up this morning and you were floating upside down, how sad.

The positive side of this is that you will no longer have any baby fish that I will have to take care of.

Am I heartless?

Needs work

This theme still needs some work.

The default display of image attachments to pages and blog posts needs some prettying up. Is it time to switch to a WYSIWYG editor with better inline image support? I think so!

There is certainly some appeal of Wordpress for blogging over Drupal. Drupal has a sparse, developers-only feel to a default installation. The media uploading system included by default with Wordpress is quite attractive, if a little confusing to new users.


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