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Decoding DMR radio using RTLSDR, GQRX and Pulseaudio

I recently watched Melissa Elliot's talk from DEFCON 21 titled Noise Floor Exploring Unintentional Radio Emissions 2013
which inspired me to buy a Realtek SDR (software defined radio) dongle from Ebay.

I am running Ubuntu (13.04 to be specific).

I am assuming that you already have your SDR dongle working and gqrx installed on your system.

I have compiled these instructions from a couple of sources:

Recovering tmux sessions

As a long-time vim user and evangelist, I have grown to love tmux over the past year. A co-worker introduced it to me while my office workstation was still running OSX because iTerm2 has special tmux support.

My terminal session occasionally loses track of my tmux sessions when I log in via SSH while working remotely.

I found the following answer on Stack Overflow:

How I fixed Wine with Pulseaudio on Ubuntu 12.10 using regedit

Oh. My. God.

I have returned from quite a long hiatus in blog entry writing to write about how I got sound working in Wine with a stock install of Ubuntu 12.10 and the (mostly) default Pulseaudio setup that Ubuntu uses. It took me 2 months and tens of Google searches for things like "Wine Ubuntu 12.10 no sound" and "What the hell? No pulseaudio sound with wine1.5."

All I wanted to do was play Starcraft 2 without booting in to Windows. I'm fine with the lower frame rate when running under Wine. I JUST WANTED SOUND!


    First release of Drupal Google Calendar node synchronization plugin

    I have submitted the module to the Drupal community for review and am just waiting on full git access to be granted for the project.

    I have made a few changes in the way Tokens are processed and have creating, updating and deleting calendar entries working smoothly. I am not exactly happy with bundling Zend with this module, but I was not about to re-write bindings for the Google Data APIs. The hard part of dealing with Google APIs in Drupal really is the lack of lightweight bindings.

    I will investigate using an existing Drupal Zend framework module in the future for my Zend needs.

    Update on Drupal Google Calendar node sync plugin

    I hate to delay the release of this plugin but I am currently reworking some of the preferences to take advantage of Token more effectively.

    The initial design for the module was that dates for the calendar entries would be determined by some process on specific CCK date fields from the node type. The module would take care of date format construction under the hood. I was initially fine with this decision until implementing it inside the project it was designed for.


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