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Google Play Music & Gnome Shell Media Buttons

I have been trying to figure out how to use the media keys on my keyboard to control Google Play Music for a while. It turns out that Chrome is set up to listen for the media keys, but the X11/Gnome were capturing these events and not propagating them to the browser.

TLDR: Disable the Play/Pause, Next, and Previous keyboard shortcuts in the Gnome Keyboard controls.

Screenshot of Gnome Shell Keyboard shortcuts

[SOLVED] Neverwinter Nights (from black screen in Wine 1.6

The problem

I bought Neverwinter Nights for my father to play on his Ubuntu 13.04 system and wanted to get it working on my own machine before trying on his.

After installing, I was having trouble with the whole screen being black and unresponsive to keyboard and mouse input. The only option was running it in safe mode (a safe mode shortcut is created by the GOG installer).

I found an extremely simple fix for this while trying to disable the intro videos. Disable the intro movies.

How I fixed Wine with Pulseaudio on Ubuntu 12.10 using regedit

Oh. My. God.

I have returned from quite a long hiatus in blog entry writing to write about how I got sound working in Wine with a stock install of Ubuntu 12.10 and the (mostly) default Pulseaudio setup that Ubuntu uses. It took me 2 months and tens of Google searches for things like "Wine Ubuntu 12.10 no sound" and "What the hell? No pulseaudio sound with wine1.5."

All I wanted to do was play Starcraft 2 without booting in to Windows. I'm fine with the lower frame rate when running under Wine. I JUST WANTED SOUND!


    Mint 12, Gnome-shell and multiple monitors

    This past Monday morning was great; I came back to work after an extended vacation and I installed Linux Mint 12 on my T510.

    I am a heavy user of workspaces to keep my work and my mind organized. I like knowing that Thunderbird is a quick (CTRL+ALT+RIGHT)*2 away but that it will not distract me while in a coffee-induced ADHD-like state. For reasons like this, I feel offended and alienated by changes to my workspaces! I felt like I was being asked to lose functionality for the sake of new users and the tablet experience.

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