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Google Play Music & Gnome Shell Media Buttons

I have been trying to figure out how to use the media keys on my keyboard to control Google Play Music for a while. It turns out that Chrome is set up to listen for the media keys, but the X11/Gnome were capturing these events and not propagating them to the browser.

TLDR: Disable the Play/Pause, Next, and Previous keyboard shortcuts in the Gnome Keyboard controls.

Screenshot of Gnome Shell Keyboard shortcuts

Mint 12, Gnome-shell and multiple monitors

This past Monday morning was great; I came back to work after an extended vacation and I installed Linux Mint 12 on my T510.

I am a heavy user of workspaces to keep my work and my mind organized. I like knowing that Thunderbird is a quick (CTRL+ALT+RIGHT)*2 away but that it will not distract me while in a coffee-induced ADHD-like state. For reasons like this, I feel offended and alienated by changes to my workspaces! I felt like I was being asked to lose functionality for the sake of new users and the tablet experience.

adventures in mail - week 10

Another week. I have not blogged in a few; life is busy! This week was full of work. Interesting work, I must say. Ryan (desrt) and I have been getting quite a bit accomplished in my quest to make email more accessable. We now have a working DBus api for folders lists. Currently supports fetching from the server and updating the list of folders and their message counts. The api is stable enough right now to write code based on it. Ryan is writing a bunch of fun command line utilities right now that use the api.

Faces of GUADEC '09 - Part 2

Somehow, Planet picked up my the now-deleted first draft of this post. Much love for accidental 'Submit' button presses. As I was saying before: Since returning to Canada from GUADEC, I have not sat still long enough to make this blog post. The Gnome Foundation was awesome enough to sponsor me to come. Without their help, I would not have had the chance to meet a lot of great people!



July 10, 10:30 (+1) - Wake up
July 10, 12:00 (+1) - Lounge around
July 10, 20:00 (+1) - Farewell party
July 11, 05:00 (+1) - Airport taxi
July 11, 06:20 (+1) - Spanair 5005 to Madrid
July 11, 13:00 (+2) - Air Canada 837 to Toronto
July 11, 17:00 (-4) - Family gathering
July 11, 22:00 (-4) - Finally home
July 12, 12:00 (-4) - Wake up

adVentures in maIl - wEek 6

This week I am at GUADEC. I have been lucky to see a great number of
talks and talk with some great people.

I have not had an unproductive week, however.

Over the past week, I have written the code to connection asyncronously
to an IMAP server and do some -basic- IMAP parsing.

>From latest git commit (

tracks overall folder uid list
count of messages in the folder
has data_in and data_out GIO streams
change_state ()
checks if folder is in the IDLE state and
sends DONE command if necessary to perform
another command
new_search ()

Adventures in Mail - Week 5

Sorry for the late post everyone. I'm prepping to fly to Gran Canaria tomorrow for GUADEC. (Early, I know).

this last week was filled with other work and planning for my own project.

I have a finalized idea of how the service back end will track lists.

It is unlikely that I will be using Twisted for my server connectivity. Instead, I am currently using GNIO through pybank / girepository.

Adventures in Mail - Week 3

I have successfully modularized my code. My DBus API now has little trace of IMAP-ism and my cache is working fully asyncronously. It has been a week of learning. Being asyncronous was hurting my brain initially. I'm getting used to it.

This past week:
*Fought with Git
*Cleaned code
*Separated code into module files
*Fetch data using UID instead of IMAP folder sequence number
This will be useful for when I'm not dealing with IMAP-based mail
*Fetch mail from the local cache if it is present, otherwise, ask the server


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