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Fixed: Drupal Media Browser unable to press the submit button

I build and maintain a site for my cousin, Stef Marcinkowski, a graphic designer here in Toronto.

We use the WYSIWYG module on Stef's site for the body content and handling inline images, but were unable to press the Submit button after uploading an image using the Drupal Media browser. From what I can tell, the interplay between the JQuery Update, WYSIWYG editor and Media modules is the cause of the problem.

  • Drupal Media
  • JQuery Update
  • WYSIWYG editor

It looks like the WYSIWYG editor plugin requires JQuery 1.8 and JQuery Update had us using JQuery 1.10. From reading some of the code in the media plugin, it looks like the Submit button starts its life as a fake button. You can see a "fake-ok" class on the anchor element. There is some javascript triggered by some even that will remove this class and set a target for the Submit button anchor element. This was broken using JQuery 1.10.